lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

A boat or a plane?

No, this is not a new boat in the next James Bond film. It's "Earthrace", a boat with a mission!! The boat is a trimaran and uses only renewable fuels like fuel derived from animals fats or soya, for example. But it can go very fast - at 90 km/h. Eartrace is a very cool boat!!

Fake newspaper articles

Write about own article!

Imagine all the fun you can have with this site! Create your own fake newspaper articles, with headlines, and send them to your friends and family.

Easter Jokes

Amuse your friends and family by telling them these jokes about Easter and spring.

-What is at the end of Easter?
- The letter R!
- Qué hay al final de la pascua?
- La letra A!

-Why are people always tired in April?
- Because they have just finished a March.
-Porque la gente siempre está cansada en abril?
- Porque acaban de acabar una marcha.


For Easter, here are some English expressions about chickens and eggs.

Don't put all your eggs in the one basket: No te lo jueues todo a una sola carta.
To coun your chickens before they are hatched: vender la piel del oso antes de cazarla.

27 Dressers

Jane has a been a bridesmaid 27 times - she has the 27 dressers to prove it. She is always helpful and generous with her friends, but never thinks about herself. Jane is secretly in love with her boss, James. When James decides to marry Tess, Jane's younger sister, Jane decide's it's time to stop being a bridesmaid and to become a bride.

Nim's Island

A girl called Nim lives on an Australian island with her father. She is friends with three animals: a sea lion, a turtle and a lizard. But her father disappears at sea, so Nim asks for help from her hero: adventurer Alex Rover. But in fact Alex Rover is a fictional character, invented by a timid writer also named Alex Rover. Will Alex leave New York to help Nim?

A rockstar's hobby

Do you know the rockstar Lemmy? He is the singer of the famous heavy metal group Motörhead. Now, at age 62, he has a new hobby... collecting the toys from kinder eggs. Some stars never grow up!!^^